Gramm GHP System

Friction renewal of worn
telescopic dentures

The most elegant method to restore the friction is definitely the direct deposition of an electroforming material into the outer telescopic crown. For this, the GAMMAT® optimo2 system uses the advantages of the electroforming technique: Its sensor-controlled deposition and the unique hydrodynamics guarantee a homogeneous layer formation. A pre-gold-plating layer of only a few tenths of a micrometer are sufficient to achieve a safe bonding compound between the casting alloy of the outer telescopic crown and the 24K gold of the friction layer.
The application of a circular gold layer inside the outer telescopic crown takes place in an electroforming process where the duration depends on the number of telescopic crowns and on the thickness of the deposition layer ranging between 5 and 15 µm.
Due to the homogeneity of the gold layer applied, the telescopic crowns go smoother again; i.e. a functioning friction is restored. The small amount of electroforming gold ECOLYT required keeps the costs low.

GAMMAT® optimo2 with AU-SET

Gramm GHP-System

Friction renewal step-by-step

Worn telescopic denture with insufficient friction
Covering of all surfaces not to be electroformed
Contacting of the telescopic crown with a wire
Cleaning, rinsing and electroforming processes in the GAMMAT® unit
After the gold-plating process
Renewed friction in the outer telescopic crowns